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The initiative that led me to become “Asana Certified Pro”

Initiative formation Asana

Tables, lists, agendas, notebooks, post-it notes, … I searched, tested, …, without arriving at a satisfactory method to manage my actions.

Determined to progress, I explore the web in search of a solution.

Early 2017 begins what I call today my “Asana Adventure”.

Concurrence outil collaboration

Trello, Wrike, Asana, Basecamp, Smartsheet, Azendoo, …
I discover a wide range of tools at my disposal.

After a few weeks of tests, my choice is Asana !

The tool offers many more possibilities than I had imagined, and a crazy idea comes to my mind: “What if my company used Asana to improve project management and collaboration? It would just be great!”.

Déploiement bouche à oreille

After convincing a few colleagues to test together, word of mouth gets around …

And quickly, new employees have to be trained.

One of Asana’s strengths is its flexibility, so I cling to one principle from the very beginning:
if a team decides to use Asana, then I must be able to propose several ways of doing things, and the team will choose the one that best suits its needs and habits.

Déploiement conseils forum Asana

For this, I have at my disposal at the time:
– the Asana Guide,
– and especially the Asana Forum,
because I need feedback from users who use the tool in agencies, companies, industries, …

So I’m looking for information everywhere …

Équipe expert Asana

…,4, 5, …, 10, …, 40 users.

There is an urgent need to set up a team of volunteers to support employees in their use of the tool at each of the sites in France and Europe.
And with several people, it is also easier to face headwinds …

At the same time, I always spend hours reading posts and I even start answering on certain topics.

Attente outil collaboration Asana

…, 50, 60, …, soon 100 users!

Meeting with my management :
“We hear the words “Asana” and “Julien” a lot in the same sentence, can you tell us more?”

This day marks a turning point with a strong choice of direction.
The initiative is recognized: Asana becomes an official tool for our project management … and its deployment will continue to be supervised by the employees and not directly by the IT department.

Asana Forum Champion

I’m getting an email from the Asana Team!
A videoconference follows and I am officially recognized as an expert by Asana among 15 others worldwide.
And we are only 2 French!

Suite déploiement Asana

100, 150, …, we reach a plateau of about 200 users.

Meeting monde experts Asana

Being an Asana expert gives me the opportunity to take part in monthly visions organised by Asana, bringing together world experts from France, Ireland, Australia, Germany, the United States, …

Exchange of best practices, collaboration, these meetings are a real asset!

Asana Together Expert

At the beginning of 2019, Asana structures its community and its Forum by launching the Asana Together program.

Formation Asana experts Paris

July 2019: 1st event organized in France by Asana, to which I was invited to speak about “The art of teamwork”

It’s an opportunity to meet:
– several members of the Asana team : Niamh, Logan, Josh, Corentin,
Bastien SIEBMAN, historical French expert of Asana!

Little anecdote: with Bastien, we didn’t know each other before becoming Asana experts, and we discovered that our fathers had worked together during their careers. So Asana will have reunited the sons, incredible!

Asana certified pro

September 2019 : I create my auto-entrepreneur status, and I become Asana Certified Pro to support and train start-ups, companies, individuals, …

Futur aventure Asana

I just created this site a few days ago.

The rest, I don’t know yet…

THANK YOU to all those who have been or are still actors of this “Adventure”:
(non-exhaustive list)

Team Comap : Antonin, Bertrand, Célio, Dorian, Emmanuelle, Guillaume, Hervé, Jean-Christophe, Jean-Noël, Marie-Lou, Maxime, Mélanie, Mickaël, Pauline, 2 * Patrick, Pierre-Antoine, Vincent G., Yann

Team Asana : Alexis, Niamh, Corentin, Francesca, Logan, Kimberlea, Josh, Tim, …

“Special thanks” to:
– Marie T. : for her constant good mood, her animation of the community, her availability and her advice,
– Bastien S. : Asana expert for years, who shows an inexhaustible creativity and with whom I enjoy collaborating.

The most important part of deploying Asana is explaining your vision to your employees, to make them full participants in the change, and to adapt the solution to the needs of each team.

Motivation, collaboration, perseverance, listening and continuous learning are the keys to success.



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