Let’s play even better as a team!

Managers who coach each other!

Collaboration among team members is essential, as well as with other teams.
But what about collaboration between managers?

A few months ago, I proposed to 3 other managers to discuss an issue for 30 minutes a month. We then met for the first time for this new meeting, entitled: “Let’s play even better as a team”.

Manager meeting management

☕ Format: 30 minutes, in “counter talk” mode
🎯 Topic discussed: defined at the end of the meeting for the following month
😀😀😀😀 4 managers maximum to preserve the quality of the exchange and listening skills
👉 Follow-up and organization: a project under Asana, which allows everyone to add topics for the next meetings, to take notes. And now we even share interesting readings or articles!

Project Asana meeting manager
Visual of the Asana project

The Asana project being shared between the 4 of us, everyone can freely add interesting topics or articles. The others receive a notification, so conversations start even outside the monthly 30 minutes.

Key word : TRUST

… because all types of subjects are covered,
and because everyone can be led to share their doubts and difficulties.

Examples of topics covered :

  • communication,
  • reframing of a collaborator,
  • exemplarity,
  • motivation,
  • team rituals,
  • workload management,
  • team animation,
  • empowerment, autonomy,

The benefits

The transparency between us, the trust, our ability to recognize difficulties, … allow us to tackle subjects that we would not necessarily dare to talk about in another context.

After several months, we are all 4 motivated to continue, because it really allows us to exchange on our good practices (and the failures, because it happens 😉), to discover other points of view, …

Listening + Sharing + Opening
for a better collaboration and motivation of the teams.

This Asana project is part of my Top 10 projects to set up to collaborate.


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