Asana Services & Trainings

You’re not sure what you need or what it costs? I can explain which Asana formula or training will best meet your needs and inform you about my rates.

Call session: quick and efficient!

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Get help with setting up Asana configuration or mastering Asana features (tips,…). Learn the best ways to use Asana to get the most out of it. ⏱ 1 hour 🌍 Remote by videoconference


Asana training to begin

Getting Started: Learn Asana basics

You or your teams don’t know Asana yet, then I suggest you start with the basics in order to get the best start with this new tool and to ensure a quick adoption:

  • Presentation of Asana,
  • Organization of Asana (teams, projects, …),
  • Collaborate with Asana (tasks, subscribers, comments, preferences),
  • Get organized (My Tasks, Inbox),
  • Advice (profile configuration, search, …),
  • Ways to use Asana,
  • Questions & Answers.

⏱ 2 hours 🌍 On site or remotely by videoconference

success team collaboration

To go further: from beginner basics to advanced techniques

You already know Asana and want to discover all the possibilities offered by the tool, then this training is for you! Learn how to track even more work with your team.

  • Go faster: shortcuts, copies, templates, reports,
  • Connect Asana with your emails,
  • Custom fields,
  • Timeline,
  • Portfolios and workload,
  • Rules and automation,
  • Validation.
⏱ 2 hours 🌍 On site or remotely by videoconference

Personalized coaching

Help Asana

Specific training or adapted follow-up is ideal if you wish to deploy Asana or improve the adoption of the tool by your teams: change management, deployment and adoption of the Asana application, digital transformation, audit of your Asana space, …

Thanks to regular support, you will also be able to boost your use of the Asana software: personalised help and advice, best practices, … To be defined On site or remotely by videoconference

A few examples

Regular follow-up

via Tchat & Visio

4h training

Team trainins [2h] Q & A [1h] Training of a expert (1h)

On-site day

Customizable content

Let’s build your efficiency together in a few steps!

My work starts with you: understanding what you need, so that I can offer you relevant options and thus achieve the objectives corresponding to your project. And this by putting the Human being at the heart of the reflections because it is necessary to give meaning to the use of the Asana tool in order to obtain the motivation of the users. The knowledge of your habits, your processes and your digital environment (Microsoft Office 365 or Google Suite) will allow us to build together a global solution that meets your expectations. The integration of the Asana application must allow the best possible adoption of the tool by your teams, facilitated change management and therefore efficient project management on site, remotely or teleworking.
We can’t know what we don’t know … so let’s find out together what is possible, in order to create the environment that will allow your teams to be motivated and focused on achieving the best results. Julien