Top 10 Asana projects to improve your efficiency!

The Asana project management tool allows you to improve the daily life of your teams through better organization and increased collaboration.

You’ve probably already created task lists, with deadlines and assignee, this is a very good start. But Asana can do much more than that!

After several years of daily use with my team … we have tested, changed, modified, tested again, deleted, rebuilt, … projects under Asana.

Today, we have reached an organization that improves our collaboration, and we are looking forward to finding new areas of progress on a regular basis.

Here is a selection of our favorite projects 🏆

Team Organization & Collaboration

Asana team award

Team meeting

… to have a team meeting that is organized, efficient and dynamic because it is collaborative.

Image du projet Asana priorités

This week’s priorities

… to always know who is doing what and for when, and to identify the team’s priorities.

Image du projet Asana wiki


… to stop wasting time searching for information that the team needs on a regular basis.


Projet Asana One to One

One One

… to have a private space of collaboration between a collaborator and his manager (annual objectives, follow-up of trainings, Walking talks, …)

Image du projet Asana manager

Let’s play even better as a team!

… to exchange between managers, help each other, share and thus combat the manager’s “isolation”.

Project Management

Image du projet Asana processus

Project Template

… so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. If a process is recurrent, then just create a template that will then be copied.

Image du projet Asana roadmap

Project Roadmap

… to have a global vision of projects, with real-time updates from project schedules.

General Organization

tache intégration asana

Employee integration

… to improve the integration of new hires even before their arrival, on D-day, and then during the first few weeks. This way, the employee feels better welcomed because everything has been well anticipated and prepared.

Image du projet Asana formation


… to allow the self-training of employees with training projects open to all, or to serve as a training agenda.

success team collaboration

Customer Service

… to have an efficient management of customer returns with a follow-up of the progress of the processing of the actions, this in several steps.

Do you have other uses that you enjoy?

Management, project management, team management, customer management, … or others …


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