🥇 Asana Coolest Project Award

As Asana users, we all have projects we are proud of. Whether they are fun, innovative, pretty or practical, we have all designed the projects that best meet our needs and how we work alone or as a team.

A few months ago, Bastien Siebman and the Asana team have launched on the Asana community forum the contest “The coolest Asana project”, with the aim of discovering and rewarding the projects “the coolest, most innovative, most ingenious or most practical!”.

I then think directly about my team and our “Team Meeting” project.
With the agreement of each of my team members (thanks to them : Antonin, Bertrand, Guillaume, Hervé, Yann), we send our application …

The jury has just deliberated, and we have just won this competition.
It’s a great victory for the team, bravo!

This team meeting project is part of my Top 10 Asana projects for team collaboration.

More details on our team meetings by here.

Asana team award

To learn more about the competition “Asana coolest Projet”.


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