A solution for dynamic and efficient team meetings!

Imagine for a moment …
Like every week, it’s time for your team meeting. Everyone settles in.
You are the manager and you start the meeting starting with the general info.

Then begins the traditional tour de table …
In general, it is from there that it starts to spoil !
Few volunteers to speak. A first one starts: summary of the week, progress and highlights. The others have no questions.
Next one …

Pull over!! Stop !!! It’s time to freeze and take a good look at this scene.

On your left:
🗣 the collaborator who speaks but speaks only to you,
😴 another whose eyelids are too heavy,

On your right:
🤨an attentive person who asks questions and realizes that the meeting could be more effective,
🐤 a bird on the windowsill seems to fascinate the last one.

The analysis is terrible: the attention is very low, no collaboration, mutual help is impossible … Your team meeting doesn’t have team spirit, and that’s a pity… 😕 but you can change that!

With my team, we have chosen to change our habits so that it doesn’t come to that.

One year later, the new format is still unanimously accepted. 👍😀

So … what have we changed?

Meeting manque dynasmisme

🕐 the duration is not fixed and never exceeds 1 hour.
🧾 the agenda is co-constructed upstream via the collaborative tool Asana and is thus known by all (summary in 2min, priorities of the week, successes and difficulties, free subjects)
🚀 each project manager makes a very quick point to focus on discussions and questions.

So far, nothing very innovative …

👇 Here is the major change 👇

💫 the person in charge of the meeting changes every week! 💫

This new organization made it possible to put collaboration, exchanges, listening, … back at the center of the table.

The meeting became again the team meeting and not the manager’s meeting.

Collective and individual benefits

A meeting

which allows COLLABORATION

for a greater

👍 More responsibility because he finds himself managing the collective.

👍 Feels involved because he, too, will have to organize the meeting with a team he wants to see participate.
👍Shared responsibility which allows you to play a different role in the meeting (e.g., it becomes easier to ask questions and take notes because the animation is not dependent on him or her).

👍 This brings change every time, because everyone has their own way of leading the meeting.
👍 Listening, because as time goes by, the subjects are better known to everyone.👍 Increased mutual aid and cooperation as the team exchanges and discusses.
👍 Benefits from the advice and input of others.

👍 A formative experience as you learn how to organize meetings without it being weekly.
👍 Problem solving and decision making made easier, the manager sees in front of him “ONE TEAM”.

👍 Contributes to the training and development of its team.
⚠ Can be destabilized the first time and will therefore need to feel the support of his manager.⚠ Must know how to put his ego aside because he no longer leads the meeting.
Benefits and novelties for team members

An Asana project for an efficient organization

We set up a very nice visual rendering thanks to the Asana software which allows us to have a clear organization of the meeting and the roles of each person.

With this project, my team and I took part in the competition launched in early 2020 “The Asana coolest projects”, contest organized by Bastien Siebman and the Asana team.

And we are very proud to have won the Award as a team with our organization. 🏆

This Asana project for team meetings is part of my Top 10 Asana projects to improve your efficiency!

Asana team award


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