About me

Asana helps teams to centralize, coordinate and manage their projects, allowing everyone to know the schedules, the processes and above all … the answer to the question:

“Who does what and for when?”

The result is better collaboration between teams, greater efficiency and increased employee motivation.

Who am I?

With 12 years of team and project management in several companies, I was one of the very first to join the list of experts officially recognized by Asana: Asana Forum Champion & Asana Certified Pro.

I managed the entire Asana deployment in my company (from 1 to 200 licenses), with different services and in several countries.
More than 2 years of daily coaching with Asana users have allowed me to gain a large experience with Asana (help, project, training, communication, teleworking, change management, …) for a wide range of uses: Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Research & Development, IT, After Sales, …

My Asana adventure

A few years ago I discovered Asana.
Today I have become an Asana Certified Pro consultant.
Find in a dedicated article, the different steps of what I call today my “Asana adventure“.

asana pro badge

Asana Certified Pro

Asana Certified Pro” is :
– an independent expert who has completed the Asana certification program,
– authorized by Asana to offer training and consulting missions to help you (help with functionalities, change management, …).
It will enable you to get the most out of your Asana software subscription and thus improve the adoption of the tool and your project management.

asana champion badge

Asana Forum Champion

The “Asana Forum Champion” is an expert selected from the community of Asana software users. He has a long experience as an active and useful expert for other users of the Asana online application. His help and the quality of his publications have been evaluated by other users from all over the world, and by the Asana team.

Let’s collaborate together


Since I discovered the Asana project management software, I have been able to improve the follow-up of my tasks, both from a personal point of view and also with my teams.

As an expert, my goal is to allow you to accomplish more with the Asana application through coaching or training.

Simplify the work, promote collaboration, have a status of all your team’s projects in real time, have a simplified planning, bring visibility, … You can achieve all these objectives thanks to the ease and flexibility of use of the Asana tool, and improve the functioning of your teams.